Code of Conduct

A reasonable level of participant conduct is expected on any tour in line with community expectations.

Code of Conduct
A. Participants are expected to pitch in with duties around the camp site when needed. This also contributes to good morale in the group encouraging conversation and communications.
B. Patricpants are expected to stay on the tour and within contact limits with the tour guides running the trip.
C. If particpants want to leave the tour and take a leave day or leave the group area (Tour guides and participants) at any time during the trip they need to communicate this with the tour guide and seek approval to leave.
D. For health and safety reasons all particpants must stay within the area of the group when on walks and hikes.
E. All particpants must treat guides and their fellow participants with respect and courtesy.
F. No violence is permitted in any form. This includes mental health violence.
G. The tour guides have a job to do and have many more tasks to complete than participants. Please show patience whilst tour guides are attending to their duties or dealing with requests from other particpants.
H. No illicit drugs or firearms are permitted on the trip.

Breaches of the above code of conduct can result in the removal of offenders from the trip or for the trip to be completed earlier.